4645 Wyndham Lane, Suite 240, Frisco, TX 75033

Phone: (972) 987-6183: Fax (972)-987-6184

Mind Health Psychiatry & Associates

4645 Wyndham Lane, Suite 240, Frisco, Texas 75033

Phone: 972-987-6183

Fax: 972-987-6184

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Located in Frisco, TX, Mind Health Psychiatry & Associates  is an insurance-friendly private practice, providing exceptional psychiatric care and treatment for children, adolescents and adults. We provide clinically and culturally appropriate behavioral healthcare and related services. We are devoted to providing comprehensive psychiatric services and delivering high quality behavioral health care,  which may include prescribing the medication(s), proper therapeutic treatment, referrals, and diligent follow up appointments.  Our team prides itself in our expertise with both the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.   We deliver services with an emphasis on privacy, respect, individual dignity, hope, cultural sensitivity, competency, personal responsibility, mutual involvement in service and treatment planning, customer satisfaction, positive outcomes and a process for continuous quality improvement.


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Appointments are scheduled Tuesdays-Thursdays  8am-12pm and  1pm-5pm.  Our general office hours are Monday 9am-1pm, Tuesdays-Thursdays  8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm and Fridays 9am-1pm.

For any additional information or to schedule an appointment please contact our office today- at 972-987-6183 0r 972-987-6189


Now Accepting New Patients

We Are In Network with Most Major Insurance (With Appointments Daily) If you have a patient referral for Mind Health Psychiatry & Associates, you may • Fax your referral to 972-987-6184


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Child Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry


Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry


Adult Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

Adult Psychiatry


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Now Offering Telepsychatry Appointments

Is an impossible schedule, physical limitations, or some other barrier preventing you from visiting the doctor and getting the care you need? If so, telemedicine is the perfect solution for you. Through telemedicine, most mild to moderate psychiatric conditions can be effectively managed through tele-psychiatric consultations. You can see a provider for a follow-up over video  and reach them with your questions via text or email. Telemedicine is the way forward. 

Mind Health Psychiatry & Associates

4645 Wyndham Lane, Suite 240, Frisco, TX 75033, US

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Our Featured Services



· Computerized Psychological Testing

· Suboxone Induction and Medication Management

· Spravato (Esketamine)

· In Office UDS (urine drug screening)

· Home/School Visits

· TelePsych Appointments

· Genetic Drug Sensitivity Testing

·· Addiction Treatment

· Depression and Anxiety Disorders 

Mood and Bipolar Disorders

· Individualized Education Program (IEP)

 Section 504 Plan Evaluations

· Child and Adult ADHD/ADD Evaluations/Testing/Accommodations

· Emotional Support Animal Evaluations (ESA)

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Adjustment Disorders – Life Changes


Telepsychiatry provides personalized psychiatric online consultations and treatment. This is offered to you in the comfort of your home, office or wherever life takes you through our safe secure portal. 

We offer on line psychiatric services that are personalized and HIPAA compliant .Just similar to the one you receive from a traditional doctor’s office .Your online sessions and medical records are kept strictly confidential. 

Your access to care is easier than before. No need for you to wade through the heavy traffic, risking your life in inclement weather, taking time off from work or other life important commitments arranging child care for busy moms or long waiting period in a doctor’s office .

All you need is a computer and a high speed internet to log into our secure HIPAA compliant portal. You immediately start receiving relaxed consultations and professional care in the privacy and comfort of your own familiar environment wherever you may be.

Our online psychiatric consultation services include evaluation, diagnosis and medication management of various psychiatric disorders. Telepsychiatry also provides me an opportunity for consultative and collaborative services with primary care physicians, other healthcare providers, or treatment facilities. Please call today to find out how you can utilize our services or to schedule your first session.

What is Telepsychiatry


Telepsychiatry connects psychiatrists and other mental health providers with their patients via online video sessions. With telepsychiatry, there is no need for either patient or physician to travel to an office. Video sessions can be done from anywhere – all you need is a broadband internet connection, computer or laptop, and a webcam. 

This convenience expands availability and outreach, making it easier to give patients the most attentive cares when and where they need it. Routine counseling and behavioral therapy are enhanced when patients can participate from the comfort of home.

Telepsychiatry makes mental healthcare adaptable for both patients and physicians. With telepsychiatry, mental health professionals can conduct face-to-face video sessions with patients who are home bound or disabled, incarcerated, living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, receiving inpatient care and living in an institution such as a substance abuse rehabilitation center.

Preparing for Your Appointment

Insurance Affiliates

Insurance Affiliates

Insurance Affiliates

We are in currently in network with United Health Care PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, Aetna PPO, Cigna PPO, Baylor Scott & White Health Plan, MultiPlan, Optum, MHN, Molina, and Amerigroup.

Please be advised that if your insurance plan is not listed above you may call our offices: 972-987-6183 to verify that it is an accepted plan as the list may change periodically. 

Initial Appointment

Insurance Affiliates

Insurance Affiliates

When setting up an initial appointment, we will ask for your insurance information and answer any questions you may have.

Insurance coverage varies widely from plan to plan. If you have questions about your coverage, benefits, or copay, please direct them to your carrier directly. 

What to Bring

Insurance Affiliates

Appointments and Cancellations

 Below, you will find forms for you to complete and bring with you to your appointment, which will provide us with the necessary health information including the names and addresses of therapists, physicians, health history, and medications. Please bring your health insurance card(s) and a photo ID for security purposes. 

Appointments and Cancellations

Insurance and Payment Information

Appointments and Cancellations

It is generally not a good idea to bring children to your appointment (unless they are part of the treatment). We usually request that clients are child-free for their  appoinyments.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please call to cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours in advance on a business day.  

Insurance and Payment Information

Insurance and Payment Information

Insurance and Payment Information

 We accept most major insurance plans, please contact our office to find out if we accept yours. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Checks or Cash (please bring exact change as our office does not carry any change), payment is due in full at the time of service. 

Patient Portal

Insurance and Payment Information

Insurance and Payment Information

 Once your appointment has been schedule with our office, you will be emailed a link to set up your REQUIRED patient portal. To set up the portal, Click “Need to set up your account?” – username (your email address) and password (you create) will be needed. 

Please message us  through Patient Portal  about appointments, follow-up questions, refills, and anything else you need. No waiting line. No phone tag. We will respond in 24-48hrs.


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Now Accepting New Patients

We Accept Assignment For All Major Insurance Companies

 When requesting to schedule an appointment, please send a message with your member ID and date of birth, as well as the name and date of birth of the primary subscriber on the plan if applicable.  

Mind Health Psychiatry & Associates

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